Holistic Product Design
OHSO - 2004/2005
Travel Toothbrush Product Line
OHSO™ and d:e worked closely together to develop a smart product for the booming market of business travelers. From market research to engineering, OHSO™ is a product conceived from a solid relationship.

A great product in the wrong market equals disaster. Richard Trocino, the innovator of "spybrush", a traveling toothbrush with built-in toothpaste storage, realized that based on his initial consultations with d:e. d:e helped Richard extend his market segment potential, establish his business model, and evolve his product ideas to ultimately arrive with OHSO™ "for GO Lifestyles".

OHSO™ is designed to be the ultimate travel toothbrush. In a style conscious world, we made sure that OHSO™ could offer intelligent and street-wise products to it's fashion-forward users. To bridge the gap between style and dental hygiene, we developed a sophisticated aesthetic for a high end brand. A strong identifiable mark and sleek graphics with an "on the go" attitude gives OHSO™ it's edge.

Three distinct designs were created for the family of toothbrushes to create the masculine MARKO model, a more feminine model called DIVO and a third, broad appeal model called the PRESTO.

All three designs are a careful balance of brushing functionality and portability. The different appearance strategies were honed to appeal specifically to the targeted market segments with slight variances in performance and functionality to further enhance product experience.

One engineering challenge with the OHSO toothbrush line was to combine the functionality of a self-dispensing, refillable paste toothbrush with the aesthetics and portability of a small travel product. We utilized a rotating syringe system to suck the paste into the brush by turning the end knob in one direction and then dispense the paste directly onto the bristles by turning the knob the opposite way.

We also quantified just how much paste the average person would need for 1-2 weeks of use and compensated for the fact that most toothbrush tubes do not share common opening sizes. By designing the brush to the larger sized tubes and providing a universal adapter for smaller tube types, we ensured that not only would the customer have a portable, usable oral care product, but they could use it with their favorite toothpaste as well.

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