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press overview     Alienware Unveils New Lineup
Alienware Unveils New Designs at Tokyo Game Show - September 23, 2009, Tokyo Japan
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Alienware approached d:e to reinvent their entire product line. Taking advantage of their partnership with Dell, Alienware had the opportunity to create a new line of products from the ground up, with feature rich custom chassis unlike anything seen before.

For d:e and Alienware the new designs would need to represent a new chapter in Alienware's history with jaw-dropping aesthetics to accompany the ground-breaking technology. As the designs evolved, a powerful new aesthetic emerged that was sinister, aggressive, and expanded on the Alienware mythos.

Inspired by the aggressive stance of a wild animal poised to strike, the Aurora ALX and Area-51 ALX feature rows of motorized louvers along the top of the cases that open, allowing for maximum ventilation and adding to the illusion that the systems are alive and 'breathing' under their own power. The design is carried inside, where alien glyph patterns adorn the interior hinting at the origins of this alien technology. Featuring fully customizable lighting zones and motorized doors, the new designs are receiving much acclaim among Designers, Gamers and Power Users alike.